Gerücht Buzz auf Austria

Customs officials don't have much of a chance, and some are also bribed, as a report by the French broadcaster Canal Plus recently documented.

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The German government says that such discoveries of weapons from the Balkans are a regular occurrence. Rein 2014, 264 weapons of war were confiscated by the BKA. But Berlin stops short of calling it a "disconcerting trend."

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The reporting also shows how easy it would Beryllium for terrorists to obtain weapons hinein Germany as well -- and how one of Germany's most dangerous right-wing extremists did exactly that.

'Unaware of the Consequences' Christoph K. had been reactivating the AFG alarm weapons hinein his basement workshop and then reselling them for 10 times the price.

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An diesem ort durchstehen Sie alles über Kryptowährungen, hinsichtlich zumal wo man sie handelt, was im gange nach beachten ist außerdem weshalb.

Every Swiss house has an assault rifle and ammunition, and no terrorists. How can this Beryllium? Perhaps they demonstrate that immigration control is where safety comes from, not weapons regulation.

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This project has been brought to the attention of the VW executive board (during a semiannual presentation of interesting new developments). The TU Ingolstadt picked up on the development rein a bachelor thesis. BMW and Daimler use a sibling of this project (called “openAbk”), which has also been implemented by myself (Teich above).

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Er verdient ein Schweinegeld . Ich freue mich pro ihn ansonsten wünsche mir, dass ihm kommende Gesundheitsreformen nicht das Hals brechen werden.

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